2016 SNJH Talent Show Auditions

2016 SNJH Talent Show Audition Results
(In No Particular Order)

If you are on this list and have not yet turned in your music by 9th period on Tuesday, May 31st, you will be replaced.

1. The Dazzlers
2. Briana & Jazlynn
3. The Diamondback Drama Troupe
4. Taylor Esparza
5. Alyssa Ramos
6. Ximena Muniz & Lusinda Garcia
7. Hailey Pietrzak
8. Jackie & Gio
9. Izabella Medina
10. Celeste Ramirez
11. Benjamin Gomez
12. Sara Neal

Congratulations to those who made it into the Talent Show, and thank you to all of those that tried out!

"Summer Nights"
by The Diamondback Drama Troupe