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My classroom expectations are as follows:

1.   Follow all instructions/procedures,
(including instructions on written assignments and *voice levels), the first time they are given to you, with absolutely no talking or answering back.


2.  Listen when others are talking: don’t talk over the person that has permission to speak, no talking while others are talking, no interrupting, no blurting out comments, no “helping” by answering for the teacher, no across the room communication of any kind (e.g. “cross-talk”, flirting, gestures, conversations,(aloud or “mouthing”), comments, etc.), no chanting (this includes oohhs and awhss). 


3. Speak respectfully in a pleasant tone of voice.


4.  Keep hands, feet, objects, (gum, chewed gum, spit balls, etc.), and body, to yourself, this includes being seated when instructed to do so and only being in appropriate areas of the classroom.


If you chose to follow the expectations you will be rewarded.  (E.g. class earned free time, snacks, device time, and positive calls or emails to parent(s), gym time, outside time).


 If you chose to not follow the expectations consequences will be:


1. Verbal warning

2. Conference with the student.

3. Email coach, instructor, sponsor, and/or parent/guardian.

4.  Call parent/guardian.

5.  Institute the three infractions discipline management report. (make counselor referral)

6. Write an office referral.


Serious infractions will be sent immediately to the office.


  • In case of an emergency, (vomit, restroom, blood), a student should exit the room immediately.


    {The following are eight grade ELA department policies.}

  • All devices and/or phones will be picked up at the beginning of class.
  • There will be no eating allowed the classroom, except for special days.


* Voice levels:  0=no talking, 1=whisper, 2=quiet conversation, 3=presentation, 4= outside


Voice level zero-clarification:

No talking- your mouth isn’t moving, no sound is coming out of it

Talking-your mouth is moving, sound is coming out of it-this includes: talking to someone else, talking to yourself, whispering, singing, sound effects, humming, whistling, pretend/fake throat clearing or coughing, etc.

My schedule

1st ------------------------8:00-8:54-Conference
Announcements- 8:57-9:12     

2nd/3rd -----------------------9:12-10:53-Block One

4th/5th--------------------10:56-11:48-12:37-Block Two

6th ----------12:40-1:20-----Lunch

7th -----------------------1:23-2:12-team planning

8th /9th-----------------------2:15-3:56-Block Three