Lara, Suzanne - Inclusion

Suzanne Lara

I'ma native New Yorker, but have lived in the Rio Grande Valley for thepast 25 years.  I currently live in McAllen with my husband of 21 yearsand a daughter who is a high school sophomore.  My older child, a son,recently graduated from high school and is now away at college.
Ireceived my Bachelor's Degree at University of Texas Pan American in1993 and have been teaching since.  I've taught in McAllen and in PortIsabel in both elementary and high school before coming to SharylandNorth Junior High.  My passion is math and in particular algebra.
Ihope to share my love of math with my students and build theirconfidence in their math skills to help them be successful.   I will be aUIL assistant in math with Veronica Gonzalez this year.