Classroom Expectations



Bring all necessary materials to class.

Complete and turn in assignments on their due dates.

•Come to class ready tolearn.


Be punctual.

At the time class is scheduled to begin, you are to be IN your seat and have all the materials ready to start theday


Be polite.

Listen when the teacher or other students arespeaking. Choose actions andwords that show courtesy and respect.

•Seek help in anappropriate way.

•During discussions,respect others’ comments, opinions, and ideas.

•Say “thank you” whengiven something.


Be positive.

Congratulate your classmates on their successes.

•Leave negative commentsoutside the door.

•Enjoy yourself!!



Respect all property (your own, the school’s, and others’)by treating it with care.

•Let an adult know if you or someone else is being bullied(physically or emotionally).




1.                  Verbal Warning

2.                  Written warning (written warning can include detention etc...)

3.                  Writeletter to parents (Student will write a letter to theirparents explaining what rule they broke in class. Letter needs to besigned and returned to the teacher.)

4.                  Call to parents

5.                  Parent/Teacher conference

6.                  Office


Responsibility: All of us have responsibility for our actions and non-actions.

I am responsible for:

            1.         Providing opportunities for you to learn (both in and out of class).

            2.         Teaching you skills and content.

            3.         Providing clear instructions and grading criteria.

            4.         Preparing you for the STAAR.


You are responsible for:

1.                  Attending school.

2.                  Being on time to class.

3.                  Completing assignments and make-up work on schedule.

4.                  Behaving appropriately.

5.                  Informing me about concerns and earning the grade you desire.