Pennington, Jennifer - Art

Jennifer Pennington
Art Teacher
Boys and Girls Head Golf Coach
Phone 686-1415 Ext. 3474
Room 112
Conference Period : 3rd period
The best part about teaching is interacting with students.  The feeling of accomplishment and joy I get when I know that one of my students has learned a skill that will help them to achieve their dreams is unparalleled.  I did not go to college to become a teacher but rather an artist.  I received a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts from Stephen F.Austin in Nacogdoches with a double major in Art and Psychology.  When I discovered that it was kind of hard to pay the bills with the income of a "starving artist" I went back to school to get my teaching credentials. 
Rather than being disappointed with the outcome of my artistic career, I soon discovered that teaching was and is my true calling and that no painting could ever equal the beauty of a child learning.  No clay could ever be molded as carefully or as lovingly as are the students in my classroom.  I try to open their minds to the beauty in the world as well as to give them a means of expressing themselves.  I also teach them skills which could come in handy in a variety of careers.  Students in my classroom not only learn how to create art but they also discover a new sense of pride in their creations and hopefully, in themselves. 

Grading Policy
Tests/Projects ............................... 60%
Daily work and all other grades ............40%
Basics Covered in Art I
*  Basic Pencil Drawing Techniques
*  Basic Composition and Color Scheme
*  Shading
*  One Point, Two Point, and Three Point Perspective
*  Portraiture
*  Seven Elements of Art
*  Basic Principles of Design
*  Collage
*  Basic Art History Timeline
*  Scratch Art
Art II
* Clay Sculpture
* Acrylic Painting
* Pencil Drawing (Advanced Technique)
* Pastels
* Art History
* Junk Sculpture
* Research Skills
* Figure Drawing
* Cartooning
* Principles of Design
* Elements of Art
* Origami
* Computer Graphics