2019-2020 Theatre Production Class!

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Updated: 9/6/2019

Greetings Diamondback Drama Troupe Members,

Congratulations to who has been selected for the 2019-2020 school year Theatre Production class!  You have all been chosen to represent SNJH UIL Speaking Events, Solo Acting, Duet Acting, Impromptu, and One Act Play (OAP).  EVERYONE should begin looking for and memorizing a Solo Acting piece for UIL.  The piece should be at least 3 minutes long, and no longer than 10 minutes.  If you would like to find a Duet piece, it should be between 5 – 12 minutes long.  These can come from a book, film, or TV show, if it has been published.  Remember, Oral Reading is called Prose and Poetry at the Junior High, as these are separate speaking events in competition.  Just make sure it is appropriate for school and something different from what you used in elementary.  If you have ANY questions about where to find material for UIL, or any question related to UIL, please feel free to contact me.

I’m very excited to see everyone this year!!!

2019-2020 Official Theatre Production Class Roster

Korayma Bazarte
Ricardo Cavazos
Joya Chornopyski
Katia Dowling
Damaris Montes
Isaiah Rivera
Jose Rivera
Jimena Roman
Ella Sandoval
Adriana Surita
Andrea Torres
Valerie Acevedo
Andreea Alvarez
Victoria Barrera
Sarah Benavides
Isabella De Ochoa
Devonnie Diehl
Alexa Gonzalez
Andrea Leal
Sofia Sandoval
Genesis Tenorio
Aquira Valdez
Samantha Vela