7th Grade Math

Welcome to 7th Grade Math

Teacher:  Mrs. Ahlman

Room: 107

Email: dahlman@sharylandisd.org

Phone #: 956-686-1415  ext. 3472

Conference: 12:19-1:11pm

Course Information

This is a pre-requisite for 8th Math. The student will use and learn new skills

dealing with numbers and operations, patterns, relationships, algebraic

thinking, geometry, measurement, and probability and statistics.

Tutoring Schedule

In classroom: Tuesdays 7:30- 7:50 AM or appointment set

with teacher

Diamondback Den:  (Starting October 5, 2015) Diamondback Den is available for all students

and a math teacher will be present daily.

Hours: Monday- Thursday 4:00- 5:00 PM with transportation available.


1.   Binder

2. Loose paper

3. Pencils/Pens

4.   Markers and/or colors

5. 1 package of multi-colored paper (not construction paper)

6.   1 Composition Book (lined or graph paper)

7. Tissue Box


Grading- Access to student grades are available for parent and student through

Skyward.  To get username and password contact the front office.

Tests: 60%

a)     There will be a minimum of three (3) grades from this category

each six weeks.

b)     Projects- Scoring rubrics will be given to the students at the time

the project is assigned.

Homework Quizzes STAAR and Daily Work: 40%

STAAR assignments may include handouts and assignments that address

the reporting category that is being covered at that time.  All assignments

that are turned in must be done in pencil and turned in at the beginning of class.


Note:  Most math assignments require showing all work.  This is necessary because

the process or strategy is the critical learning task, not just getting the answer.


Late Work

Late work will be accepted up to 3 days after the due date with a

10 point deduction per day from the original grade.

For example:
original grade 92

    -deduction -10

Grade recorded; 82 ; if one day late


  1. Bring all needed materials to class.
  2. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
  3. Respect and be polite to all people.
  4. Respect other people’s property.
  5. Obey all school rules.