Beall, Rhonda - ELA

Mrs. Beall - Eighth Grade ELA   

Pre-AP Required Summer Reading
8th grade reading list.pdf
SISD Jr. High Summer Reading Activities (1).pdf


Students enrolled in 8th grade ELA will continue to increase and refine their communication skills.
The course focus includes study of diverse themes in literature of many genres. The students will plan, draft and complete written compositions on a regular basis and read extensively.

My conference time is 8:00-8:54. 

The school phone number is 686-1415 my extension is 3468.                                                                                         


1.   Follow all instructions/procedures, (including instructions on written assignments and *voice levels), the first time they are given to you, with absolutely no talking or answering back.


2.  Listen when others are talking: don’t talk over the person that has permission to speak, no talking while others are talking, no interrupting, no blurting out comments, no “helping” by answering for the teacher, no across the room communication of any kind (e.g. “cross-talk”, flirting, gestures, conversations,(aloud or “mouthing”), comments, etc.), no chanting (this includes oohhs and awhss). 


3. Speak respectfully in a pleasant tone of voice.


4.  Keep hands, feet, objects, (gum, chewed gum, spit balls, etc.), and body, to yourself, this includes being seated when instructed to do so and only being in appropriate areas of the classroom.


Required Materials:
1 Binder or folder
a composition notebook


Showing up is half the battle. Attendance is essential in improving academic achievement. Students must bring in proof for an excused absence.

Make-Up Policy:

Assignments should be turned in during the class period they are due. If a student has an excused absence it is the student’s responsibility to ask for the assignment that was missed.

Students will be given class time daily to read silently.


Grading Policy:

-Major Assignments 60%

-Minor Assignments 40%


Tutoring: Tutoring will be available on an individual basis.
mfwI am Mrs. Rhonda Beall and below I have summarized my work and continuing education experiences.
       I have completed twenty-nine years of classroom teaching.  My student teaching experience was in both the kindergarten and the second grade levels.   I spent my first seven years of teaching in the third grade classroom.  Then, the next five years of classroom teaching were completed in the fourth grade level.  I  left elementary school and came to junior high school.   My first seven years in junior high I taught  seventh grade English Language Arts.   I then moved to eight grade English Language Arts, where I am currently teaching. 
     I earned my undergraduate degree in elementary education from Mayville State University of North Dakota.   Then, I went back to school, and received a Masters degree in Elementary Education from UTPA, and  a Texas certification in Guidance and Counseling. I also earned a Texas certification in English as a Second Language.