Syllabus for  Texas Studies

Teacher:  Mr. Boyle

Class Overview:  Students will study the development of America and Texas from early times to the present.  Some themes for the year that will be covered include geography, early explorers,  Independence, Texas and U.S. Government, progressive reforms,  the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Classroom Procedures:  Students should always follow instructions and classroom expectations.  It is imperative that students learn social skills which will be enforced through demonstrating proper respect for each other at all times.  My classroom is conducted in a structured manner and students must always follow the instructions given.  It should be noted that students from time to time will be allowed to use their electronic device.  However, this privilege is only allowed at the direction of the teacher and the Sharyland policy for devices is in full effect.

Grading Policy:  Major assignments:  60% (Tests, projects)     Minor Assignments:  40% (classwork, homework)           

There will be a minimum of 3 tests/projects for each six weeks. Students need to be reviewing what they did not understand  on a daily basis.  One test will be given the first three weeks of a grading period and the others the second 3 weeks of the same grading period.

There will be a minimum of 9 minor assignment grades.

Tutoring schedule:  I am available for any student Monday – Friday from 7:25 – 7:50 am except for the weeks I have duty. Students need to ask for a pass the day before so that they will be allowed to enter the building.

Helpful information:  I try to keep my homepage up to date with important information.  There is an extra-credit link for those who want to do more to improve their average.  I also have links that help those students who are absent keep up with what was missed.


Mr. Boyle