Daily Assignments


Steps towards Independence 1827-1836 Flip Book

Directions: You will create a flip book on the causes that led up to the Texas Revolution.

Grade: Major Assessment grade (project)

Due Date: ________________________

Part I: You will label each cause and address the question on the flaps of your flip book.

  1. Mier y Teran Report and Recommendations: (219-220)
    1. Who was Teran? Mexican General
    2. What did he observe in Texas? Growing American influence in Texas.
    3. What were his recommendations? (three of them)
      1. Place more Mexican soldier in Texas.
      2. More Mexican and European settlers in Texas
      3. Develop trade between Texas and Mexico
    4. What did Mexico do as a result of his report? Passed the Law of April 6th, 1830


  2. Law of April 6, 1830: (220-221)
    1. Who passed this law? Mexican government
    2. What specific things did the law do? (6 things)
      1. Outlaws American immigration into Texas.
      2. Suspended incomplete Empresario contracts
      3. Encouraged Mexican and European immigration into Texas.
      4. Built new forts in Texas.
      5. Added taxes to all foreign goods coming into Texas
      6. Forbade bring slaves into Texas.
    3. What was the goal of passing this law? Limit American influence in Texas.
    4. How did Anglo settlers react? Angry and Upset


  3. Issue of Slavery: (220)

    a. How did Anglos settlers and Mexicans differ on their view of slavery? Americans were for slavery and the Mexicans opposed slavery.

    b. How did Stephen F. Austin convince the Mexican government to allow slavery? Americans would not move to Texas without slavery.

    c. What year was slavery banned in Mexico? 1829

    d. What did ending slavery in Texas mean for Anglo settlers? Fewer Americans would move to Texas.


  4. Santa Anna Switches Sides: (Handout)
    1. What political party did Santa Anna first belong to? Federalist
    2. What did this political believe in? More power in the hands of the states.
    3. Who were his supporters? American settlers, Mexican soldiers, Catholic church
    4. After winning the Civil War, what did he become in 1833? Dictator
    5. What party did he switch to, and why? Centralist, he got more power.
    6. After switching parties, what changes did he make in Mexico? Abolished the Constitution of 1824, and abolished state legislatures.





  5. Turtle Bayou Resolution: (224-225)
    1. Who wrote it? American settlers in Texas
    2. What was their reason for writing it? Declared their support for Mexico, but not the Mexican government.
    3. Who did they state their support for? For Santa Anna, and the Federalist Party


  6. Convention of 1833: (226)
    1. When and where was it held? April 1833 in San Felipe
    2. What were the demands? (Same 3 from the Convention of 1832)
      1. Wanted to resume immigration from the U.S.
      2. Texas be exempted from importduties for three years
      3. Texas to become a separate state in Mexico
    3. What was drafted at this meeting? State constitution for Texas.
    4. Who was chosen as the messenger to take these ideas to Mexico City? Stephen F. Austin


  7. SFA Arrested: (227-229)
    1. What led to Austin’s arrest? A letter he wrote about Texas becoming a separate state.
    2. Where was he imprisoned? Mexico City
    3. What crime was he charged with? Act of Rebellion
    4. When did he return to Texas? July 11th, 1835
    5. How did his imprisonment change Austin’s attitude towards Mexico? Negative attitude towards the Mexican government.


  8. Consultation: (232-233)
  1. What was it? A meeting to discuss the key issues
  2. When and where did it take place? October 1835, Washington on the Brazos
  3. What decision did they need to make? Peace or War
  4. What was the final decision that was made concerning Texas, and Mexico? War


Part II: (Pre-AP only) on a separate piece of paper you will create one of the following:

Create a comic strip on one of the eight causes.

Create a political cartoon on one of the eight causes.

Part III: (Pre-AP only) on the back of your cartoon or comic strip you will address the following question:

Were Anglo settlers right to rebel against the Mexican government? Show support for your position!