Algebra1 / Geometry Syllabus

Welcome to Algebra 1/Geometry


Teacher:  Mrs.V. Gonzalez
Room: 143


Phone #: 956-686-1415 ext. 3516

Conference8:00 am - 8:54 am


Course Description

Algebra 1 Course Information

Units of Study for this course include:

Unit 1 – Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities

Unit 2 – Number and Algebraic Methods

Unit 3 – Quadratic Functions and Equations

Unit 4 – Exponential Functions and Equations


Geometry Course Information

Units of Study for this course include:

Unit 1 – Logical Argument and Constructions; Proof and Congruence

Unit 2 – Coordinate and Transformational Geometry

Unit 3 – Similarity, Proof, and Trigonometry

Unit 4 – Circles

Unit 5 – Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Figures

Unit 6 - Probability


Tutoring Schedule

In classroom: Tuesday-Friday 7:30-7:50 am & Tuesday-Thursday 3:50-4:30 pm
Duty Week - outside the 8th grade hallway - I am available for tutoring as well.



1 – 3 Subject Spiral or notebook paper

1 - Package of colored pens (not black) and pencils as needed

1 – Glue / Glue Sticks

1 - Scissors

1 – Ruler

1 – Compass

1 – Protractor

 1 – Box of Tissue

1 – Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

***Graphing Calculators (TI 84 Plus) will be used in this class.  They are NOT required; however, graphing calculators are a smart investment for use in several math classes from this grade level on thru college.  If you do not have your own, a graphing calculator will be provided for in class use only!!***


Grading Policy Access to student grades are available for parent and student through Skyward.  To get username and password contact the front office.


Tests:    60%
There will be a minimum of three (3) tests each grading period.  Pre-AP students will not be allowed to retest unless 50% or more of the students in a class fail. 

Homework, Quizzes and STAAR Review:   40%
There will be a minimum of nine (9) assignments each grading period.  Pre-AP students will not be allowed to submit late minor work.  Assignments must be done in pencil and turned in at the beginning of class.  Quizzes may include teacher made quizzes, pop quizzes, selected homework problems, worksheets, and other miscellaneous assignments.  Re-quizzing is not allowed.

Note:  Most math assignments require showing all work.  This is necessary because the process or strategy is the critical learning task, not just getting the answer.

Absences - Students who are absent for math class will be responsible for picking up their late work when they return to school.

  • Students with an EXCUSED ABSENCE from school will have the opportunity to make up missed work at the rate of one day for one day missed, with a maximum of five days.  Students will receive a zero for any major or minor assignment not made up within the allotted time.
  • Students with an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE may not make up missed work; however if the unexcused absence is determined to be caused by an extenuating circumstance, makeup work may be allowed.  The grade for the makeup work will be no higher than a 70.


1.     Bring all needed materials to class.

2.     Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

3.     Respect and be polite to all people.

4.    Respect other people’s property.

5.     Obey all school rules.