Algebra1 / Geometry Syllabus

Welcome to Algebra 1/Geometry



Teacher:  Mrs. V. Gonzalez

Room: 143

Conference: 1:23 pm – 2:12 pm      


Algebra 1 Course Information

Units of Study for this course include:

Unit 1 – Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities

Unit 2 – Number and Algebraic Methods

Unit 3 – Quadratic Functions and Equations

Unit 4 – Exponential Functions and Equations


Geometry Course Information

Units of Study for this course include:

Unit 1 – Logical Argument and Constructions; Proof and Congruence

Unit 2 – Coordinate and Transformational Geometry

Unit 3 – Similarity, Proof, and Trigonometry

Unit 4 – Circles

Unit 5 – Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Figures

Unit 6 - Probability


Tutoring Schedule

In classroom: Tuesday-Thursday 7:30- 7:50 AM in Rm 143

                       Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:50-4:30 PM in Rm 143   



1 – 5 Subject Spiral or notebook paper

1 - Package of colored pens (not black) and pencils as needed

1 – Glue / Glue Sticks

1 - Scissors

1 – Ruler

1 – Compass

1 – Protractor

1 – Box of Tissue

***Graphing Calculators (TI 84 Plus) will be used in this class.  They are NOT required; however, graphing calculators are a smart investment for use in several math classes from this grade level on thru college.  If you do not have your own, a graphing calculator will be provided for in class use only!!***



Grading Policy - Access to student grades are available for parent and student through Skyward.  To get username and password contact the front office.

Major Assignments (Tests):    60%

There will be a minimum of three (3) tests each grading period.  Pre-AP students will not be allowed to retest unless 50% or more of the students in a class fail.    


Minor Assignments (Homework, Quizzes and STAAR Review):   40%

  • There will be a minimum of nine (9) assignments each grading period.Pre-AP students will not be allowed to submit late minor work.
  • Assignments must be done in pencil and turned in at the beginning of class.Quizzes may include teacher made quizzes, pop quizzes, selected homework problems, worksheets, and other miscellaneous assignments.Re-quizzing is not allowed.


Note:  Most math assignments require showing all work.  This is necessary because the process or strategy is the critical learning task, not just getting the answer.


Absences - Students who are absent for math class will be responsible for picking up their late work when they return to school.

  • Students with an EXCUSED ABSENCE from school will have the opportunity to make up missed work at the rate of one day for one day missed, with a maximum of five days.Students will receive a zero for any major or minor assignment not made up within the allotted time.
  • Students with an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE may not make up missed work; however, if the unexcused absence is determined to be caused by an extenuating circumstance, makeup work may be allowed.The grade for the makeup work will be no higher than a 70.



Class Procedures

  • Bring all needed materials to class.(Pencil, homework, colored pens, and spiral).
  • Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. Pencils must be sharpened before the bell rings! Only one person at the sharpener at a time.
  • Respect and be polite to all people.(Listen and stay seated when someone is talking and behave properly for a substitute teacher.)
  • Respect other people’s property.(Keep the room clean and neat, pick up trash, return borrowed property, don’t write on the desks, and get permission before using another person’s materials.)
  • Obey all school rules.