Google Classroom


Assignments and classroom updates will be accessible through Google Classroom. You will have to activate your student account using your Sharyland ISD email account. This is the same email address from elementary. Try and setup your device before class begins. Don't worry if you can't, we will review this the first week of school.

Main Google Classroom:

Google Classroom codes: Activation codes below by block

Block 1 (Periods 2 & 3): zbw4i7r

Block 2 (Periods 4 &6): ssrow2f

Reading Academy (Period 7): 9c4m7fa

Block 3 (Period 8 & 9): 7v0p3fc


You will need to install Google Classroom on your electronic device

Android: Play Store Link

Apple: iTunes Link

Windows: No install required, simply follow Google Classroom link