History of the SNJH Band
Sharyland North Junior High opened its doors in August 2005.  The very first SNJH Band had 150 members and was under the direction of Mr. Joe Menchaca, Ms. Cathi Quick and Mr. Terry Shingler.  The Varsity and Non-Varsity Bands competed in UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest, with both bands earning the UIL Sweepstakes Award, beginning a tradition of excellence that continues to this day.
In 2007, the SNJH Band program came under the leadership of Mr. Arnold Salinas, and after seven years under his direction, the SNJH Band has become one of the top programs in the entire Valley.  By earning top ratings at various contests, including the prestigious Sweepstakes award at the annual UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest for eleven consecutive years, we have ensured our place in the band world of the Rio Grande Valley.  In recent years, SNJH has also been among the three schools earning the most chairs in the All-Region Bands.
In August of 2018, the SNJH Band program enteres a new chapter of its history as the feeder school to the new Sharyland Pioneer High School and under the leadership of Mrs. Monica Blum, Alejandro Guerra, and Joseph Rangel.  The SNJH band staff is excited to continue working for the students of SNJH and hopes to continue and build upon the tradition of excellence her predecessors put in place.
Through the support of our administration, staff, and parents, our students have reached an extremely high level of musicianship that belies their young age, but we always remember our motto: "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!"