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My classroom expectations are as follows:

1.   Follow all instructions the first time they are given to you, without talking/answering back.   (Including instructions on written assignments.)

2.  Best behavior at all times, (especially with a substitute teacher), this includes, (but is not limited to): getting permission before talking,(Mrs. Beall’s definition),unless engaging in an authorized classroom discussion, minding your own business/not interfering, keeping comments to yourself, having a positive attitude, speaking in a pleasant tone of voice, completing personal grooming before or after class, paying attention, sitting upright, with your face, shoulders, and knees forward, (unless otherwise directed), in your assigned desk, no loitering in the restroom/hallways, no “cross-talk”/”cross-communication” in the classroom.


3.  Complete assignments on time this includes homework-your name must be included on your assignments.


4.  Keep hands, feet, body and objects, (snacks, chewed gum /spit balls), to yourself this includes exchanging/trading item and being only in appropriate areas in the classroom.

If you chose to follow the expectations you will be rewarded, (class earned free time).

 If you chose to not follow the expectations consequences will be:

 1. Conference with the student.
2. Email coach, instructor, sponsor, and/or parent/guardian.
 3.  Call parent/guardian. 
 4.  Institute the three infractions discipline management report.
5. Write an office referral.

Serious infractions will be sent immediately to the office.


  • In case of emergency, (vomit, restroom, blood), a student should exit the room immediately.
  • Students are allowed to have healthy snacks for their individual consumption only.


My schedule


1st ------------------------8:00-8:54-Conference
Announcements- 8:57-9:12     

2nd -----------------------9:12-10:01-Reading academy

3rd/4th-----------------------10:04-11:45-Block 1

5th--------------------11:48-12:37-Block 2

6th ----------12:40-1:20-----Lunch

7th -----------------------1:23-2:12-Block 2

8th /9th-----------------------2:15-3:56-Block 3