2017-2018 Theatre Production Class List

2017 – 2018 Theatre Production

Final Class Roster



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  1. Daniel Alaniz
  2. Daniela Alcocer
  3. Krystal Avendano
  4. Natalia Camacho
  5. Camila Carabaza
  6. Nathan Castro
  7. Madison Colunga
  8. Kassandra Davila
  9. Sophia De La Paz
  10. Angel Escobar
  11. Mya Getz
  12.  Julie Govea
  13.  Elvia Iglesias
  14. Katelyn Karr
  15.  Destiny Lizcano
  16. Miranda Luna
  17. Bianca Mendiola                                             
  18. Karina Mendoza
  19.  Lauren Morfin
  20.  Maria Navarro
  21.  Ema Ortiz
  22.  Abigail Palomin
  23. Ethan Papakostas
  24.  Lyset Rosa
  25.  Mariana Salinas
  26.  Alexis Solis
  27.  Ana Suarez
  28.  Evan Thompson
  29.  Katya Vasquez
  30.  Graciela Zarate

Greetings Diamondback Drama Troupe Members,


Congratulations to everyone listed above, who has been selected for the 2017-2018 school year Theatre Production class!  Over the summer, everyone should begin looking for and memorizing a Solo Acting piece for UIL.  The piece should be at least 3 minutes long, and no longer than 10 minutes.  If you would like to find a Duet piece, it should be between 5 – 12 minutes long.  These can come from a book, film, or TV show, if it has been published.  Remember, Oral Reading is called Prose and Poetry at the Junior High, as these are separate speaking events in competition.  Just make sure it is appropriate for school and something different from what you used in elementary.  If you have any questions about where to find material for UIL, please feel free to email me. 


To anyone who was not selected, you are still able to participate in any UIL event and of course are invited and encouraged to still audition for any upcoming productions coming up this year.  There will be more opportunities. 


I am greatly looking forward to this coming school year.  Have a great summer everyone!!!




Mr. J. Briones

(956) 686-1415  ext. 3544