Caceres, Clarissa - ELA

Welcome to 7th Grade English Language Arts Pre-AP and Reading
I believe that all my students can be confident Readers and Writers!
We will have an amazing year discovering our strengths.

 Conference Time:
9th period 3:04-3:56 
Extension: 3508

Remind 101:

Caceres 1 Reg: @caceres1r
Caceres 3 Reg: @caceres3r
Caceres 6 PreAp: @caceres6p

Digital Grading Guidelines:
2020/ 2021 School Year-

Teachers will record a minimum of 2 grades per week in the DISTRICT ELECTRONIC GRADEBOOK.
To establish consistency in terminology, all subjects and all grades will use the grading categories of MAJOR ASSIGNMENT and MINOR ASSIGNMENT.

These categories may include but are not limited to the following assignments:
Major Assignments: 
*Tests *Reports *Research *Papers *Projects/Presentations Essays

Minor Assignments:
*Daily Classwork/Practices *Homework *Quizzes *Accelerated Reader *Lab Work *Binder Checks

Major Assignments 60% Minimum Number: 3
Minor Assignments 40% Minimum Number: 9