Grading Policies


Remote Learning Device
Place to keep notes (spiral, folder, and/or binder)


Major Assignments: 60%

a) Tests, Reports, Research papers, Projects/Presentations
Minor Assignments: 40%
  a) Daily Classwork/Practices, Homework, Quizzes, Journal Checks.



a)  There will be a minimum of 2 Major Assignments per reporting category.
  b)  There will be a minimum of 6 Minor Assignments per reporting category.
  c)  If 50% or more of students in a class fail a major assignment, the entire class will receive re-teaching of the content using a different instructional strategy from the original presentation.  All students will be given an alternative major assignment.  Students will receive the higher of the two grades earned. 

CLASSROOM Procedures:

•      Bring all needed materials to class.  (Pencil, homework, colored pen, and Interactive notebook, remote learning device).

•      Be in your seat and ready to work when class begins. 

•      Respect and be polite to all people.  (Listen when someone is sharing)

•      Follow your teacher’s quiet signal used to focus your attention.

•      Respect school's property  

•      Obey all school rules.