Attendance Policy

Excused Absences

The following are the only reasons allowed for an excused absence:

  • illness of a student or severe/critical illness of an immediate family member.

  • death of a member of the immediate family.

  • medical or dental attention,

  • religious holy day (must be pre-approved).

  • absences which the principal judges as an emergency beyond the control of the student or parent.


Medical Excuses (partial day)

A student who is temporarily absent, resulting from a visit to a health care professional, licensed to practice in the United States, will be counted present if that student commences classes or returns to school on the same day as the appointment. The student will be allowed time to make up missed work according to school policy. Upon returning to school, the student should present an excuse on doctor’s stationery to obtain this type of excuse.

Partial Day Attendance

In order for a student to be counted present he/she must attend school half class period for secondary.

Unexcused Absences

A student who receives an unexcused absence may not make up missed work and could be subject to disciplinary action for truancy. Some examples of unexcused absences are:

  • staying home to study or to write a report;

  • going shopping, looking for a prom dress, or returning a tuxedo;

  • going fishing, hunting, or skiing,

  • oversleeping or missing the bus,

  • skipping, or leaving early for a trip/vacation

  • failing to follow your campus’ admit to class procedure.

If the reason is deemed unacceptable by the administrator, the absence will be unexcused.  However, if the administrator determines that the unexcused absence is due to extenuating circumstances, the administrator may allow make-up work.  Parents/students have 3 school days to submit documentation to change an unexcused absence to an excused absence.  If documentation is not submitted during the allowable time, the absence will remain the same.


Excessive Absences

State law outlines the number of absences a student is permitted in a course in order to be promoted or to receive credit. If a student is absent from class more than the allowable number of times, he will lose credit in that course. A student and the student’s parent or guardian shall be given written notice prior to and at such time when a student’s attendance in any class drops below 90 percent of the days the class is offered.  However, Sharyland I.S.D. provides a means for students to regain lost credit through attendance at Saturday school, summer school and an appeal process.  Students with excessive tardies and students with more than five unexcused absences shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, but may not be suspended at home or expelled for this reason.  Unexcused absences cannot be made up in Saturday school and are considered truancy. Policies FEC (LOCAL).

Transfer Absences

A student’s attendance record will accompany his other records when transferring from another school district. Absences incurred at SISD will be added to the number of absences acquired at other school districts. Students transferring out of the district who have exceeded the number of allowable absences will not receive credit. They may petition for credit by mail or in person. Transcripts sent to other school districts will reflect no credit because of excessive absences.

Pre-Arranged Absence

The following are the requirements for requesting a pre-arranged absence:

  • The student must be absent with the parent’s knowledge and consent.

  • Arrangements have to be made with the principal prior to the absence.

  • This type of absence is one that does not meet the criteria of the legally excused absence, but one the principal may believe to be acceptable.  Some of the absences may qualify for extracurricular status.

The method for requesting a pre-arranged absence includes the following:

  1. Submit a written request 5 days in advance of the anticipated absence to the principal for evaluation to determine whether the time and reason is acceptable or not; 

  2. If the absence is acceptable, then the student is to take a note to each teacher and obtain the assignments for the particular time he will be absent. Note: Exams will not be issued prior to two days before any school holiday or the last day of the semester for any grade level;

  3. For such a request to be considered, the student must have satisfactory scholastic, attendance, and behavior records.

  4. For those students in 11th & 12th grade, if such an absence is for a college visitation cleared by a campus administrator, refer to Policy FEA (LOCAL).

Note: Pre-arranged absences will be limited to 2 excused absences for fall and spring. Students must complete make up work in accordance with Grading Guidelines at

under Curriculum Department/Guidelines and Policies/Sharyland Grading Guidelines for Grades PK-12

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