Chromebook Device Policy and Care

Secondary Schools

Every secondary school student grades 7-12 is issued a Chromebook and a charger.

● If a student has a damaged, lost, or theft of device, they will receive a second unit. Any student at the secondary schools 7-12 grade that has a damaged, lost, or theft of the second device will no longer have a Chromebook issued to them. They will need to check out a device from the library and return it at the end of the day daily.
● A parent conference needs to take place with the parents upon damage of the first and second Chromebook with a request to those parents to start thinking about providing a device for their student due to the damaged device.
● If they damage the checkout Chromebook from the library then they’ve lost all privileges to use a district provided mobile device. They can only use a non-mobile device in our labs or library or resort to paper related assignments and homework.  

● Chromebook Power Adapters Each student that is checked out a Chromebook receives a power adapter. If that power adapter is lost, stolen, or damaged then a second unit may be checked out to the student as a replacement for the original.

The student and parent can replace it on their own if they choose to do so. If the second power adapter is lost, stolen, or damaged then the student and parent must replace it by acquiring one from a local vendor or online.

Chromebook Power Adapter Replacement Example 

● Chromebook Power Adapter Recommendations Lenovo 45 watt USB-C charger

● Chromebook Care Keep your Chromebook and charger in a safe place

● Away from younger siblings Away from pets

● Away from hot areas such as car backseats, trunks, frunks, or in direct sunlight

● Away from water, liquids, or food Please be careful with theft.

● Do not leave your Chromebook in a vehicle or unattended outside of your home.

● Do not remove the protective case from the Chromebook.

● All Chromebooks are encased with a protective cover to prevent basic damage. Prevent screen breakage.

●  Never place heavy objects on the Chromebook.