7th Grade Math

7th-grade math students are to be completing 2 lessons daily on Imagine Math. The majority of the 7th-grade curriculum was taught before Spring Break and the lessons on Imagine Math will reinforce what was taught during this year to ensure that students are prepared for 8th-grade math. 

Teachers will be posting 2 additional lessons per week which will utilize real-life applications aligned with what has been taught. Teachers will provide more information through their individual google classroom pages which should be checked daily, any communication to or from parents will be made through email or Remind.

To access Remind & Imagine Math -

Students will log in with their school username and passwords.

8th Grade Math

Fortunately, all standards that 8th-grade students are required to know were already taught and being reviewed prior to spring break. 

In efforts to retain knowledge and stay prepared for Algebra 1 next year, students will continue reviewing Pre-Algebra concepts by accessing our digital online resources through my hrw:

The 8th-grade math department will be assigning 2 Pre-Algebra concepts weekly. Any communication to or from students and parents will be made through email or Remind